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I encountered this bug. You try to direct first the new base node and suddenly it moves to different direction

The Power/Air connectors, when they are build the connectors container is placed 180° wrong into the backpack.

is it possible that the consumption of the default air in the backpack has been increased? It feels like my Astroneer needs more Air than before.

Storm - when you are below surface you can now hear the storm when if passes over you, also the visibility decreases a little.
Storm - Ok the storm slows you down, that is ok, but now the storm also sucks you along with him? Sometimes nuggets are sucked away, then your rover or trucks feels like he is vaccumed into the storm or at least behind him. 

Day/Night Cycle - the day night cycle feels unreal (not because of the engine ;) ) On every try i landed on the planet, the day was always shorter than the night - The long Night - Episode II - Astroneer. Makes it currently awfully hard sometimes to expand, short times were you can gain energy, than the long wait for the next day.

Game play #1 : was unable to expand, no resources or to few, nothing to research 
Game play #2 : some research possible, but again, only stuff, which gives terrain abilities, but well if you are on the plain field, why build a mountain

General feedback: The rover now is more glued to the ground but still some stones make him topple over, mostly small ones. 

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