[suggestion] base building + feedback

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Hello ppl!

this is kind of repeating post but I cannot really play anymore. So I am going to repeat it anyways.

I am a builder at heart and unability to build exactly what I want drives me mad and kills my will to play. These base connectors are bad from the start but now when they are wiggling and not going the way I want them to making the game completely unusable. I have a feeling I saw some video or a picture of astroneer where base stations were separatad, is there such possibility or was?

Instead of those silly "insert energy here" slots noone ever using we could have a tether line connector. We can make these round thingies in the backpack and place them anywhere, would it be so hard to change? I want my base to look pretty and thoughtful, with stations locatad inside bildings and power generators outide on the roofs and such, I am tired to death dealing with these wiggling sloppy ugly short connectors, honestly, not even playing anymore...

Power transfers with tethers anyways, why it cannot be so between base stations too?


About names. These "small", "medium" and "large" - really this kind of naming kills all the fun and immersion. It is like a dry table with numbers. It feels much worse now to play with these items, kind of boring. Large rover, really? Instead of Truck? pfft. BOOOORING! (c) Sheogorath. 

IMHO, before there will be reliable synchronization between player clients there will be no play. How much can we play alone? it's getting old much faster when we play alone. But we cannot play together because strangly enough I see not the same things that u see and all sorts of related troubles.

Heh... I go now and wait another 6-7 months, may be something will change. But tbh, I am losing hope...

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