Ammonium - new item in patch 196

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I was messing around in the new patch 196 and found an item in the trading platform. It's worth the same as malachite and laterite, but seems to have no real use. When hovering over it a tooltip labels it as "Hydrazine Reactant" and it has the same purple cone icon as hydrazine. It can't be smelted, used to fuel a ship, or amplify a dynamite explosion, so I'm guessing it's just another unused element like Hematite and Astronium, which conveniently are both in the picture on the right storage rack.


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Yeah we tried experimenting with it as well, One Last Midnight had a go, haha, no results sadly... just have to wait and see what happens, but yes very interesting that it's a hydrazine reactant. Perhaps there's something else we need to uncover or discover first?

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