Travel Between Solar Systems & Telescope

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Just an idea for expanding the game. It would be cool if eventually the player could leave the original solar system. Every solar system could be procedurally generated from scratch or preset ones could be built as the original solar system was (where the planets names and general characteristics are predetermined, only the landscape changes).

The intergalactic travel should only become available after the player:

1.       Builds a telescope (something that would have to be added to the game)

*telescope could be built on a table and should also be able to be placed on vehicles

2.       Uses the telescope to locate a deep sky solar system.


*the telescope could also provide players the opportunity to drive around and hunt the night sky for nebulas, star clusters, etc. (which would also have to be designed and put into the night sky preferably with accompanying achievements for finding certain deep sky objects). This could serve as side objective for astronomy enthusiasts although it could be out of the games scope.


3.       Builds an intergalactic space shuttle (ISS)


*The ISS would ideally be a robust space ship that extends into the sky like an actual rocket. For it be effectively capable for intergalactic travel it would have to have ample storage and be able to house specialized tables such as the printer or research table. It could even provide an interior location for the player to play in while the ship is in rout to the new solar system.


This could serve as DLC for the game and would provide a way of introducing new elements to the game.


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