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This is a shortened list of ideas I've had for Astroneer (the original list was twice as large). If anyone wants to hear an explanation or my thought process, ask about a specific idea in the list.

[Gameplay concepts]
Craftable thrusters
Solar array repair/crafting
Organic pyrolysis for coal
Rockets use oxygen/nitrous
Tanks used for all liquids and gases
"Oxygen" item replaced with ice
Limited base oxygen
Repair/repurposing of satellites

[Base modules]
Item retriever (pulls items from around base, arrow-based selection)
Module upgrades (speed, secondary product, etc.)
Storage/warehouse module (high/expandable capacity)
Water condenser
Growbed (slowly grows organic)
High capacity trade platform (paired slots, counts items in storages)
Greenhouse (slowly produces oxygen)
Large vehicle bay (can print and connect to 2 vehicles)

[Resources] (placed on separate planets to promote exploration)
Emerald (terran + tundra) (refine for vanadium)
Nickel ore (radiated + barren)
Bismuth ore (tundra + arid)
Tellurium (radiated + tundra)
Ruthenium (exotic + barren)
Rhenium (exotic + arid)
Fluorite (terran + radiated)

Throttle valves for thruster
Vehicle upgrades
    -suspension (nickel)
    -transmission (iron)
    -regenerative braking (copper)
    -connected vehicle drive
    -glider (aluminum)

Camera drones

-1 slot
Rebreather (reduces oxygen consumption)
RTG module from New Horizons satellite
Semiconductors (used for geothermal, water condenser, etc.)
Nickel-Ruthenium/rhenium alloy (used for thrusters)

-2 slot
Retractable winch
Spire siphons (for all 4 current resource spires)
Stackable batteries (if not stackable, then at least make batteries have 2 slots on top that accept anything other than batteries)
Capacitor bank (a large battery with 1/2 storage and 2x charge/discharge rate)

-1,2, and 4 slot
Stirling engine (1.25x fuel efficiency, accepts all fuels)
 1 slot: 1.5 bar/sec
 2 slot: 3 bar/sec
 4 slot: 5 bar/sec

-Tank fluids
Water (I know it's already been suggested and assets are partially implemented in the game)
Methanol and methylhydrazine (more stable than hydrazine, unless nitrous explodes nearby too)
Nitrous oxide (oxidizer)
Acetylene (also reactive to explosions)
Chlorine trifluoride (yes, the infamous "nope" chemical that burns glass)

-Secondary products
Slag (from refining metals)
Water (from hydrazine production) (the Raschig process produces water as a byproduct)


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I must say, these are nice list of feature I'd personally love to see in the game, Truster do have plan to be craft-able soon. The [Base Modules] actually does feature lotsa useful stuff like item picker, upgrades, water condenser, etc (again, those are great stuff). Vehicle upgrades do sound really great and useful, would like to see some of them as a attachable parts. though that most have been suggested before, I appreciate you for making a list for it, so that's a props for ya

Now I must apologize in advance but I'd like to criticize the non-esssential part of this suggestion, just to generally debunk the scientifically inaccurate stuff.

  • Nitrous aren't for rockets, those are used for hobbyist car or remote control toys, also it's highly volatile in most of it's form, so please don't use it in your rockets
  • Emerald are crystallized minerals, and it rarely have trace of vanadium, it mostly consist of beryllium, plus it's element are not as pure as a diamond's so it would be impossible for anyone to decompress them.
    • If you're looking for vanadium ore, pick carnotite, or patronite, or just call it vanadium ore.
  • At this point I hope you're not just picking random mineral and element you can think of
    • Nickel ore (I guess this one might be useful)
    • Bismuth ore (This one's fine too)
    • Tellurium (it's just a stinky element, don't know why anyone would find use for it)
    • Ruthenium (Don't know much about this one, so I can't judge)
    • Rhenium (really, not many ppl still use this to make anything)
    • Fluorite (It's just another gem lol, I don't see any practical use of them less it's diamond)

Also just a little thing that bugs me, as an effective power generation ratio, please do use 4x multiplier when it goes up one tier, that should really balance it between size, and slot usage.

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Bismuth telluride and lead telluride are actually quite useful in thermoelectric generators, while vanadium oxide conducts electricity more than it conducts heat.

Nickel-rhenium/nickel-ruthenium alloys are commonly used to make rocket thrusters and scramjets

Fluorite actually has thermoluminescent properties, and might have some use in increasing the efficiency of photoelectric cells

Any oxidizer would be fine by me, it just doesn't make much sense to have hydrazine burn without an atmosphere

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