Invisible Structures for Interplanetary Multiplayer

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When I join my friends solar system and go to other planets with them I can't see any of the structures that have been built there. I played the game a lot when it released last winter but when my friends and I realized we couldn't really enjoy the co-operative experience on foreign planets we all stopped playing. After seeing the game had recieved an update I convinced my friends get back in the game and to reach another planet but was disappointed to see that it is still only the host who can see structures built on foreign planets.

I am wondering why this issue still hasn't bend fixed after all this time. I understand game development is a lengthy process but this is a huge feature of the game that should have been prioritized into the first update of the game.

One of the biggest things the game has going for it is the co-op and it is still completely unfunctional after months.

Please fix so I can enjoy this beautiful game.

clear skies!

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