Rover flys into orbit by simply driving

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I dont really know how to recreate this all i was doing was driving my rover around(and i dont have infinite resources to make 20 rovers lol). I drove over a very mild incline and my rover started flying while i driving. After 5 min i was in the same orbit as the menu screens space station. At a certain point my vehicle stopped moving and i sat there stagnet floating in mid air high above the surface. Exiting the rover caused me to fall all the way back down..but landing did not kill me. Rover stays in midair afterwards too. All i had on the rover was a medium storage. Some small solar panals and wind turbines and a 1 seat. I took a video clip and a screenshot which can be viewed on my xbl profile(same as my username here:  JesusTheBird).

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Common issue for me also. Also my rover flips over very frequently and I have to get out and spam tab in order to flip it back to the right orientation.

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