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Due to the recent Saturday screenshot posted by SES I thought I should make some suggestions about how the volcano would function and its elements  

Volcanoes: ?

New material: Volcanic Material

  • Uses: Ceramics, abrasives, whatever the devs can think of

New plant: Dragon Flower 

  • Spews fire at nearby player 

New Hazard: Lava 

  • "Hot to the touch"
  • Spreads slowly

New Event: Eruptions 

  • Every now and then the volcano will erupt, spewing deadly lava nearby. An ash cloud then emerges that covers the surrounding area. The sun is blocked out (so no solar power). 

New Energy: Geothermal (I know, not really new but now it will actually function) 

  • Steam vents can be found around the base of the volcano. Build your base here for an almost endless supply of energy. But watch out for those eruptions. 



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