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Here are some ideas for the game:


Hover Vehicle

A vehicle that hovers 5-10 meters above the floor, moves freely around the planet and needs hydrazine to fly. You build it with iron (to implement Hematite in the game which has no use at the moment).


Very Large Storage


A stationary storage where you put in resources to store them and choose which ones to put out again, similar to a vending machine. (sketch made by me)


Astroneer/Backpack Upgrades

These are upgrades you can get for yourself at a stationary machine. Here are some examples:

Health: More health so you die less quickly.

More Backpack Space: Add more slots to the backpack. If it gets too big, you will be able to scroll through your inventory.

Speed: Run faster.

- Terraforming Range: Better range for your terrain tool. (This could also be an augment)

Stamina: Less oxygen consumption.

You could pay for these upgrades for example with Astronium (to implement this in the game too) or other resources.



I wish that you could adjust or turn off the shaders/bloom effects and other graphic features for lower end PCs.


I really like the game and I hope you like my ideas :D

Sorry for my bad english

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The larger storage and hover vehicle idea has already been checked. Someone made a few ''snaps'' of how it could look like. [on one of the pinned posts you can see a google drive link with screenshots of having those things in sketch and /or ingame]

Astroneer upgardes would be cool to see ingame, +1 

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