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okay, so we all know that we have four.. wait no... ya four characters we can pick at the start of each game (I always pick the orange one because he reminds me of the fish from chicken little) but what exactly is the purpose of them, just for selection?

but what if they could all have their differences?

the big guy: he could be stronger, and hold more on his back then all the others

the skinny guy: he could be faster, and jump a lot higher, especially on lover weight gravity planets

the orange guy: could hold more energy

while the normal guy: holds more oxygen

but, they do have their disadvantages as well

the big guy: cant jump on your heavy weight planets and is a lot slower then all the others

the skinny guy: holds less then the others, and sometimes that jump is a curse as well

the orange guy: doesn't have as much oxygen

and the normal guy.... well he's just his annoying low energy annoying self.(am I wrong?)


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23 hours ago, DJMic said:

it was just a though, to like.... make your selection effect the game


23 hours ago, Wyvyrias said:

Aye, I get the idea. Just saying they may be aiming for something like that already. So keep that idea in mind when we know more about all suites. :P

Just like Wyvyrias said. Maybe later in the updates the astroneers will have different improvements so people would choose another astroneer for once exept the orange astroneer. [Probably fan favourite and only used astroneer in the game].

Lets first wait out the new astroneer that could come out next month [I hope the collouring on that one wont stay grey and brown]

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