A few ideas/requests to expand?


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Just wanted to post a few ideas on here to start a list, feel free if you want to add to this list by posting below?

  • I guess a water/food system would be nice now that I have played a little more. It could add a interesting twist.
  • Inside Small/Medium/Large Buidlings (Labs, Storage, Research, Gardens, Vehicle Garage)
    • Using crane/winch to be able to make these buildings? (Mobile Crane/Winch) This way you have to expand first before you can just make these buildings?
  • Conveyer Belt System
  • Organization System (To go along with storage buildings and Conveyer Belt, placeable like the tethering system?)
  • Delete option for sure
    • Or a possible re-do/remove tool or option
  • More suits/colors/customization for your Astroneer!  Please! :)
    • Color
    • Suits
    • Back pack options
    • more expansion options (not just power solar all that other things as well)

Love the game so far, just wanted to share some of my thoughts, I know not all may like the idea but just thinking of other games I have played space like in the past that I loved and would LOVE to see all of these in this game.

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