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Minimap/Holomap and Larger-Bending Markers!

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Hello there!

First of all, like everybody else, it has been a pleasure playing your game, System Era!

A neat and great game.


To my ideas. We all know the Pip-Boy from the Fallout Series, an arm-device, snapped onto your arm, and on purpose, showing a minimap.

Otherwise, another idea would be a large "on-the-ground" interactive map overlay, like from The Division. We already have a vague Compass, if you keep hovering your pointer at your own character, why not expanding that one via a module (like the solar panel and genetic generator for your backpack), which will show a map overlay, 200-500% of the distance (not the entire planet, that function might be placed into another item).


On the current existing stuff, the Marker (Home, Objects, Trackers, etc.) are not as good as expected. I lost myself 2 times while exploring, and took me more than 2 hours finding my base. That is not so great.

The markers need to expand, stretch over the horizon and still showing you where your stuff actually is (should be toggleable via a button, hotkey). That would help people finding their placed markers, home markers and even vehicles. Please, at least do this trick for us. Make the marker static at his current height, and that's actually it, just the hotkey stuff, optionally.


Thanks again for this game.

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