Wild Vertex - graphic bug on nvidia


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Hi there

a minor bug is that in the further gameplay i get some "wild vertex" some stretches polygon that covers a large amount of space and is only one sided.
Iam sry that i got no screenshot from out. MAY BE its just caused by playing my savegame while the last 2 patches. I got a Geforce 750TI with the latest drivers on win10.
In my opinion the buffer process of the landscape changes in time of gameplay. It gets a bit sloppy and buffers later only direct in front of you instead a bigger space arround you. May be because of ressources. On the right side in the screenshot you can see what happens there more often. The Surface vertexes are not connected. Thats 1.bug. The 2.bug is when wild vertexes covers spaces. For example i go into a cave and there is one. I cannot see through but i can move through. If i look back its gone, but only from 1 side. ;)

Regards Manni


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