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Where should/can we post our screenshots?

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Hej Guys 

I'm wondering to post my screenshots? It could be nice to have a place for all of our screenshots.


Skærmbillede (33).png


Skærmbillede (19).png


Skærmbillede (15).png

Which way?

Skærmbillede (26).png

Dynamite down here?

Skærmbillede (28).png

Should i be afraid?

Skærmbillede (40).png

Still dead?

Skærmbillede (17).png

Oxygen is low...

Skærmbillede (25).png

Soo small...

Skærmbillede (20).png

Well... i'm dead... 

Skærmbillede (41).png

Skærmbillede (33).png

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Great screenshots, Can't wait to explore these things for myself. I myself landed on a Mars like planet.



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