Drones that follow you and collect stuff

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It might be cool to be able to craft small drones that follow you around. They would fit easier into caves than bulkier vehicles. They could have different uses such as lighting the area around you, collecting items you drop, or supplying oxygen. 

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Yeah, I like the Osirin New Dawn / Oblivion Movie sphere drones as well.
- Helping me dig / maybe harvest themselves on command
- Transport stuff for me
- Follow me / keep me company (universe is big and lonely)
- Help me killing creatures and protect me
- Heal me / rescue or jumpstart me (health wise) in place after I died and no hostiles in the area
- Protect / Patrol areas

Although for some of that is no need for that at the moment, because no creatures / humanoids yet in the game, but who knows

Another advantage. Those drones can accompany one into the caves. I cannot / want not drive with truck/rover into the caves.

Regarding transport: Maybe some big slots, so you can mod the drone like you want, energy (solar, wind, bio), batteries, storage, weapons (not yet in the game) and please big slots so, that I can use it to hole artifacts out of the caves.


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