Resource management and mining structures

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I would like to be able to build mines at some point in the game. 

There are large deposits through the game that can be mined with the terraforming tool, which then regenerates each day or so, like the large blue rocks of resin that has 3 arrows sticking out of it. 

I propose an idea where we can research and build different types of mines (depending on the resource) and get a steady tick of resources each day. 

Couppled with this would be resource management. I.e. an interface that allows me to view how much of each resource I have (either overall, or within a particular area). 

Perhaps a Silo structure that the player can research and build which acts as a storage place for your mines and can be built next to them and automatically gets filled up by the mines. They can be multiple sizes and you can connect multiple together. 

Then, all of the resources in the silo can be used wherever its tethered or connected.

Finally it would be nice to have a "Resource shuttle" so I can build mines and silos on a moon or distant planet, then build a resource shuttle (which is a building) and it allows resources to be automatically transported to other locations in the solar system that also has a resource shuttle. The automatic nature here is key, even if there is a delay for off world resources to arrive (could even display an ETA countdown when it's requested)

In a nutshell, I want to industrially mine the solar system, one mine at a time!

This could even be an advanced and hard goal to achieve, and could then enable the construction of crazy large super advanced vechicles or structure :-)

Maybe later in the game you can have the requirement of 10x compound mines and 2x lithium mines requires to build XYZ.

Thanks for reading!


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hahaha nice idea ... this is so colonial :) while i was reading your post i was already seeing myself colonizing all the planets and having mines on all of them, just for the fun of it. :)

but honestly .... i think this idea is at least 1 year away from materializing. 

And as you present the idea... it would imply automation, lot's of it. because the shuttles would need to be refueled. [the shuttle could be fueled once for both voyages before it leaves for the destination] and the fuel would need to be produced. and so on. 

Another requierement would be to build a base on the destination planet because the mine would need power in order to work and a landing platform for the shuttle and a loading bay for the minerals. 

And after that it would need to be traded i guess. because otherwise we would be imperial hoarders :D


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