Alloy Synthesis System

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In the current build of the game, the present variety in materials combined with a focus on quick, comparatively inexpensive crafting, while satisfying in the short term, feels limiting to the overall pacing and feeling of diversity to the game.

To address this issue while still retaining the games fun, modular feeling, i suggest the introduction of a seperate platform type called the Alloy Synthesizer. The layout of the platform would have a centralized 3x3 arrangement of ports upon which materials may be placed.

Should the proper materials be placed in the correct arrangement, upon activation the materials will be consumed and produce a single stack of alloyed material, the purpose of which will depend on future implementations, but likely towards higher teirs of equipment and machinery. The discovery of these arrangements may be found either by experimentation or via research.

Implementing a system of this nature would contribute to a feeling of discovery and progress to the player, while simultaneously raising the value of base materials and providing longevity towards their value.

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