A few thoughts after my first hours playing

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So.. after my first few hours playing I must say I had a ton of the point I really had a hard time stopping. lol 
There are some things I'd like to suggest however.

When on a planet, the stars move fast, really fast.  I understand it's because of the fast day/night cycles, but they're fast to the point that if I stop to look at them sometimes it made me a little dizzy thinking about how fast the planet must be rotating for that to be the case.  I should point out that I'm not asking if the stars should be completely still.  They should move some still to show the fast day/night cycles, but perhaps more Minecraft-like?  Somewhere in between stationary and dizzying.  :)

The smooth tool could use a little tweaking.  More often than not it seemed to act more like the raise and lower options than just averaging the heights between the vertices within the area like people, or at least I, would expect.

I hope to be a regular on the forums as this game as certainly caught my attention.
Excellent job so far on a game that clearly has a ton of potential!


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