Your rover is made available to attach to your other existing rovers.

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I don't know if this is a thing because I haven't gotten very far but it'd be great if rovers attached to each other. Like 3 of them connected together like a train. Would be great for storage, etc.

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Park them so their endpoints are fairly close together and a holographic tube will show up.

Click on the first segement break of it to then link them with a tether and the 'trailer' will follow behind the one you drive. This also works with the trucks btw.

Just be aware there ARE limits to how many you can chain together into a road train.

Ive not experimented with Rovers much but A Rover can only pull one empty truck, a Truck can pull three other empty trucks if your just moving them around but as you pile more stuff onto trailers or add more on things slow down the point where you cant go anywhere or you in fact get pulled backwards on small hills etc.

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They do, but honestly it is not that useful. Rover has not enough power to efficiently pull more than another one attached. Unless your world is completely flat, then multiple attachment might work. :D

The truck is much more powerful but if you attach rovers to it, they tend to backflip at the first rock you encounter. After some testing I ended up riding around with just one vehicle.

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