Weird crash

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Hello here, i have experienced few crash today.

First, my computer got JUST the minimal required specs to run Astroneer, I played it windowed with minimal render distance. 

First crash were just freeze, with some of the sound playing in background (like wind) as others faded. But After one hour it seemed impossible to play it correctly. I decided to uninstall some games to make some Space. After restarting my computer i launcher Astroneer, played it for 2, 3 minutes then the game freezed (i was just walking in a cave) then black blocs appeared on my screen, with a loud noise. After this my computer crashed and rebooted like this.

Anyone have experienced this ? My computer barely have 6-7 years now. Actually i'm trying to get it back to normal, the picture here have been taken on a second screen, it comes from my computer for sure.


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So, windows can't re-install, about 1 hour searching. Only thing the diagnostic can say is C:\WINDOWS\System32\logfiles\srt\srtTrail.txt

Could use some help, please. No doubt the game is the principal reason of this mess, am i seriously the only one to have this problem ?!

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