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Lag and Glitches

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First of let me just say this is an amazing game. I love the art style and the gameplay is brilliant. The exploring is absolutely fun. I love the lack of a HUD. There are no clues about what you are doing on this planet that you launch in to. I've been playing the game for about two days now and I still find new things and mysteries. The crafting system is unique and fresh.

It's a pre-alpha so like they've stated there are going to be bugs. Bug bugs for me are the ones that make the game unplayable. When a game this wonderful has bugs that make it unplayable is quite unfortunate. So let me get started with the bugs I have come across recently.

Jumping into a new world the game is smooth! I don't experience any lag or fps drop at all. However as you expand your settlement and add more "modules" (not too sure what to call them) the game seems like it can not handle it and starts to lag or experience a horrible fps drop. The worst example of this was when I went into a mine where I had placed tethers in to light the way. When I was in that mine I got into a rover and the games fps dropped drastically. I was glitching around to the point where it was in stop animation and BOOM! it crashed. The more I build the more it lags. Thought it was internet connection at first but unfortunately it was the game.

When my game does crash and I load back in the items on my pack are floating. Not a big deal but hey just trying to list the bugs I'm experiencing.

Also if a friend jumps into my game they have a tendency to glitch through the ground and kind of fly around below surface! Which I mean isn't too bad since it helps me find ore that I need to make stuff. But yet another bug.

If I slide down a hill my astronaut will keep sliding after he leaves the slope. Which I don't know if it was intentional but it is really fun. Looks like he's ice skating. This glitch is kinda fun for me.

So all in all these aren't major bugs minus the fps drop or lag whatever you want to call it. Overall, I love the game. It's fun and has a very high replay value. Can't wait to see this game grow! It's one of the few space games recently that I've been pleased with. Once this game is polished up, I won't be able to put it down!

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