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I've been running into a few issues with the game on the xbox one. Figured this would be some food for thought as the game develops. As I progress through the game, it seems as if as soon as I get a tether system up and around 4 expansions to the base, I start dropping frames like crazy. I'm not sure what's causing this. I don't know if it has to do with the playing on the standard Xbox or the Xbox One S.

Another thing that's been driving me crazy is the camera while carrying objects (research materials). Same goes when adjusting terrain. Maybe some way of smoothing out (as in the camera is delayed when looking around) where you look along with object. I've also noticed frame rate drop while carrying research materials.

I would also consider adding a movement tutorial. Strictly on movement, nothing on crafting and materials. I think the discovery part of the game is what makes it so great and frustrating at the same time.

TLDR: Frame rate issues after a few hours into the game. Camera movements when carrying objects/adjusting terrain (you have to pan all the way to edge to turn your POV)


Anyone else running into these issues? If so let me know and if you have any fixes. If you have any other suggestions feel free to comment below. If a list starts growing I'll edit the original post with a list and continuously add to it.

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Having the same issue. Detaching from tethers improves the frame rate. Obviously not a permanent solution to the problem seeing as you need them to live, but I figured would mention it as it might help the developers find a solution

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