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I noticed that the giant naturally spawning solar arrays that can produce power are able to be moved. I immediately start to move one to my base to provide easy free energy fast. Once I got the solar array to my base i tried hooking it to  the base directly via the little connectors on the side of one of the extensions, that didn't work. After that failing i tried to figure out a work around and came up with a way around it. I got a rover that had a storage unit on top of it I then took a seat and attached it to one of the storage slots so that I could move it around. After getting it position and connected to the solar array i then made 3 Giant Batteries to and attached them to the last 3 free storage slots on the rover. This work fine nothing was wrong at this point. I was able to use the Giant Solar Array to gather power. I let the 2 giant batteries fill up. I want to test and see if the work around would work in a full circle so that i wouldnt have to remove the batteries from the rover and move them back and forth, so i attached the rover to the base  and then detached all devices that could produce power from my base (solar panels, wind turbines,power blocks,etc) . after all power producing devices were remove except for the rover with the full batteries and giant solar array attached to it i started up the fuel condenser to drain power, right after the fuel condenser was finished and it tried to start to fill up its power the game crashed. I can no longer access the save.


I have included the following attachments 

  • crash log from around the same time all this took place (Sorry if it isn't the correct one)
  • the save file (i think this is the correct file)
  • a picture to show how the setup looked (i don't think i explained it well, sorry for poor drawing)

Thanks for reading 


- Cory



P.S. This is my first post so go easy on me, let me know if I didn't follow any rules or something





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