Idea to improve vehicle bay and use the wreck from space

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Hello. I love this game ! In my journey to the underworld I found a lot of satellite wreck and zebra ball. So I think : and if you put a specific vehicle bay for the space ship, something like a aereo bay or space bay, and with the wreck of all the satellite you can build your own satellite to send in orbit to the space ??? I mean a satellite giving you a radar and as many wreck you found , the satellite increase is upgrade, and with upgrade that satellite increase the range of radar and can locate other wreck on the planet ??

For upgrading the satellite I think the space bay have a research zone where you can only research the wreck part. 

I think this can partially increase the exploration and fix the problems with the vehicles bay and space ship

Thank at all the people reading this and sorry for my bad English I try to do the best I can.

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