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Changes to the Radiation Planet's worms

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Now, I'm sure anyone who has played enough Astroneer has fallen victim to the worms on the radiation planet. They're big, creepy, and they make weird noises. But, they aren't a huge threat. If you just cover them up, you never have to worry about them again. I'd like them to have the potential to be more frightening.

  • Maybe, if you strayed too close to the edge, they would lunge up and attack you, similar to the worm from Star Wars. They wouldn't have to do this 100% of the time, but maybe an RNG could decide if it was going to mess you up this time. It would make you have to be a little more cautious around them, while not being excessively difficult.
  • The stone around them can be blown up with dynamite, leaving an incomplete pulsating worm model just floating on the planet's surface. Perhaps they can be killed instead?
  • How do they get there? Maybe there could be random tunnels that were made of the gray terrain color that were thin, and eventually ended up reaching the back end of the worm? You could follow one until you reached that pulsating worm booty, and then you could blow it up from behind? Just to get rid of it.

This post is full of some weird language, so I apologize to all those who had their eyes violated by this. The word pulsating just fits so well.

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