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I am interested in spending quite some times building a good, well informed wiki.

I create this topic in hope contributors can somewhat coordinate themselves and ask each other opinions when needed.


Right now there is many pages and many names are quite confusing to me.

- why is the small solar panel called just a "Solar" ? See question below

- related question : how to call items that have the same name but that have a small and big version (solar panel, battery, generator). The most practical naming scheme to me is to call the small ones (that you craft in the backpack) "backpack items" (like "backpack battery" in opposition to just ("the battery")) and have the others called the "normal" ones without prefix.

- same thing for the storage, I think the storage for the vehicle should just be called "vehicle storage" while the other one is just "storage"

- there is a page for Objects which seems to be a special names for the items you craft in the backpack. I don't know if there is a reason in english for this difference of word, but I think this page should go, since there is already a recap page for the Items (which are "the things you craft that are not buildings or vehicles").

- Tools page : i don't think the storage rack and the deform tool should both be considered "tools" and exist on the same page

- Facilities and Equipment : both empty page, are these official names for something ?

They are several more.


Keep in mind that I don't want to undermine anyone's work. I saw that most page seems to be created by the user Z3ther which is also a Gamepedia staff member.

I just want to have a good quality wiki as the game will grow more rich and "complicated".

BTW link to wiki :

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I was thinking to screenshot the fuck out of the game to feed those wiki articles, but my game has the 1-30min freeze fatal bug, making this task painful :(

But I agree that a strong wiki is an awesome way to make the game grow :D Let's do this!


(and about the wiki errors: I agree with you, but the point of having a wiki is that anyone can organize it and make it better. what do you think to do those little fixes in it? :))

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Was the Wiki set up by a developer or a fan? I think we can do better at doing a base organization of the items first.

Differenciating between items technology items that are used in your base vs. your backpack. Objects seems like a weird word to call items in your packpack. I mean anything could be an object. Here's just a list of changes I'd personally make:

Make ores its own disambiguation. This would allow for future expansion of ores - metals as the game grows. Optionally, call them components page to list all of the objects used in crafting.
-Ores could be anything found naturally in the world via deposits, crystals, or fountains. (Including, but not limited to Resin, Compound, Malachite, etc.)
-Used as a basis in crafting, be it smelting into a metal (copper) or as its own material. 

Make Space-Station Bases its own page. This would also allow for future expansion of building parts as the game grows.
-Describe modules in their respective pages
-Mark any similar items (solar panel) with a tag regarding its use. (e.g. Solar Panel [Base], Solar Panel [Backpack], Solar Panel [Huge], etc.)

Make Vehicles its own landing page, include a list of vehicles, along with parts.
-Each Vehicle should list the parts that can be used to enhance it
-Divide vehicles into classes such as Land, Sea, Space, Air, etc. Add them AS NEEDED

But basically, what I would do is divide the game into its most basic forms: Vehicles, Items, Bases, Planets (Geography), Discoverables, etc. That way we have a good foundation to expand upon.


I would love to get started, but I feel I might be messing up somebody's work. And didn't somebody mention a wikia for this game?


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The current wiki is something the devs set up way before launch. It has not been touched in a while and they are very aware that it needs work. It is something that we are hoping to get to after bugs are fixed and the hype calms down. 

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2 hours ago, Payno_attention said:

The current wiki is something the devs set up way before launch. It has not been touched in a while and they are very aware that it needs work. It is something that we are hoping to get to after bugs are fixed and the hype calms down. 

Ok, that is what I was afraid of. I'd like to get started once everything is all set in place.

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There is a wikia too, but gamepedia's is the official one (linked from the game's website).

No need to wait for the devs, I think, there is plenty of things we can do right now they wouldn't do better. Also the less they have to work on peripheral stuffs like the wiki, the better.

For instance, the general organisation doesn't matter much, as well as the exact names. But we can at least make sure every resources, craftable items, buildings, vehicles, artifacts, etc... each have a dedicated page with thorough relevant infos.

Also as long as you don't just delete whole chunks of texts, you don't "mess up" somebody's work, you improve it. Everyone working on the wiki must understand that their work can be "reworked" by others (as much as we understand that with the current version of the game we *might* ^_^ get our saves corrupted from time to time).

If needed, this topic is also here to discuss and resolve editing conflicts if they arose.

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