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Player teleportation. Or transportation, fast travel, elevators and why.

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Hi there.

The slide mechanic is lending itself to a lot of fun. The pain of building ramps is hard enough that a way of getting up fast ensures the slide is going to be fun; instead of a chore if you build it too high and you need to climb up all the time. The same is true for digging down and mining, only the other way around. The game will flow a lot better when you're not walking up slopes for minutes on end. 

A system of (mono) rails, or some other form of track travel might be the most fun to alleviate the problem of running up slopes. And it can be combined with a million other things. Player teleportation is the easy route. Elevators limit horizontal movement, which might be a nice trade off. Fast travel, like rocket boots is pretty lame in my opinion. However, there are some options here.

I want a solution for a better flow of fun. Yeah, I want to build the largest slip and slide the world has ever seen, but I don't want to run up it for 15 minutes every time...


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