3 Ideas for Narrative and Encounters ( Alien Settlements)

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My sister and I bought Astroneer around Christmas of 2016 and absolutely adore it. She still goes back and plays it rather frequently, and I've joined her a couple of times, though I've found myself less engaged by a lack of things to "do". I'm excited by the roadmap, and like what I've seen about player homes and customization. I think being able to make a mark on the world that I'm proud of would be a big boost to the galaxy of Astroneer. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully with that.

My suggestion is less related to that and more related to narrative experiences in Astroneer. My three ideas: Settlements, Quests, and Recruiting, are all focused on creating meaningful interactions with in-game NPCs that could give the game more depth.


Imagine: your rover is pulling over a mountain range on your planet and, in a valley in between the peaks, you tumble into a strange and unexpected place. It's a village! There are a few constructs, a few simple NPCs with wonderful cartoonish design milling about, and one of them waves to you.

Why It Works in ASTRONEER: Astroneer is filled with a gleeful, wonderful optimism and sense of discovery. Discovering a settlement would provide a sense of wonder, create a strong landmark on a planet for players to want to come back to, and could provide opportunities for furthering the player's goals and even creating new ones.

Possible Types of Settlements: 

An alien village - these primitive aliens don't know anything about space travel. They are cheerful and simple, perhaps with a system of caves built into the mountain as their home, or with homes built out of local flora and fauna. They will happily give you a piece of valuable technology or research. On a grassy planet these fellows might be farmers with rice paddies. On a tundra planet they might appear to be eskimo aliens of some sort.

An alien astroneer site - these spacefaring aliens are noble, well-equipped, and courteous. Their spaceships and equipment look nothing like yours. They are cordial, friendly, and may ask for your help or offer to help you.

A human astroneer site - these astroneers are much like you! They just happen to be working together.  They may have a great deal of resources or simply be a few astroneers puttering around on a new planet, lacking fuel.


In every settlement, it would make sense and be exciting for the player to have some way to engage with the locals. There are all sorts of variety to what these kind of quests, but here are a few possibilities:

Alien village: A young child from the village has gone missing. She was last seen at a certain beacon. Will you take the beacon and bring the child back to the village?

Alien village: We make all of our jewelry out of Malachite. Could you bring us some? We'd make you a cool new decorate space suit!

Alien astroneer site: We found an interesting place you might want to research. Follow our vehicle and we will show you where it is.

Alien astroneer site: We want to see how fast our vehicle is. Want to race us around the mountain?

Astroneer site:  We are stranded on this planet unless we can get more hydrazine. Could you bring us three containers of fuel? We would be very appreciative.

Building Challenge (any type): We are trying to make a big shape in our settlement (big sphere, three pillars next to each other, etc.). Would you help us build it?

NOTE: With the upcoming changes in modularity, it could become very exciting for aliens and other npcs to make requests that you engineer something to help them. It could then create a good sandbox for players to engineer more complex machines.


One last thought: with the inclusion of NPCs and settlements, it would seem reasonable that a player might want to have their base become a settlement too. Perhaps a player would find, in each village, a young person who wants to leave the village and join you. You could then recruit them, point them to your base, and even have them perform simple tasks for you.



Anyone else with similar ideas, please post below.

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I love all of these ideas!!!! This is exactly what Astroneer needs next. Those are great settlement ideas, I like the different alien types. One that is primitive and one advanced. And the addition of quests would add so much more time to put into this game. Adding in unique items that are only obtainable by completing certain quests would be even better. The idea of stranded Astroneers is cool too. Imagine finding a lone dude in a deep cave or a distant planet. You could interact with him and then he follows you/hops in your rover and you take him back to his community. (Or he joins you as your companion!!) Oh yeah and the little mission to build something seems like something very ideal  because that's what your tool is used for. 

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We could add to that list the idea of alien ruins, maybe with items (hidden deep) that can be researched to give special technology that can't be found anywhere else.

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On 6/22/2017 at 8:57 AM, Indomitus1973 said:

We could add to that list the idea of alien ruins, maybe with items (hidden deep) that can be researched to give special technology that can't be found anywhere else.

Yes we definitely need some cool and creepy alien ruins. Also, would be cool if there were some human ruins as well. I have some pictures I found (they are NOT mine) of something that could be considered ruins. 

5 hours ago, hayden jessop said:

I found bones a few days ago, so Mabey on hospitable planets have roaming animals


Those are some big bones O.o

If they made a planet with huge creatures/dinosaurs that would be so cool. Walking around and just being peaceful, eating some leaves. But they are for sure gonna add some little creatures to be running around. Which animals could tie in good with the whole narrative and the settlements of NPCs. 





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I really like these ideas... but I kinda like the idea that we are the only intelligent life in that galaxy, I would love to stumble onto other astroneers or human made settlements, but I do not know about aliens. Maybe tribal aliens? Idk. 

Alien wise, I would love to see something similar to like the Forerunners in Halo where you could find these ancient alien artifacts of a time long past called "Lost Relics" they could have special research and rare items in them. Or maybe one could be like a portal you have to reactivate that brings you to one of the other planets without the need for a ship. I may make a thread more in depth about these, I am still figuring out the ideas.

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