"Patch 189" : Jun 16th, 2017

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1 minute ago, SophisticatedDonkey said:

I knew you would say something over analyzing what is right in front of you.

How terrible.

3 minutes ago, SophisticatedDonkey said:

Astroneer is a game you cant compare to any other it has simpler graphics then AAA games like GTA IV

Which is why it's fine with a smaller team. That doesn't mean that everything suddenly becomes trivial, though.

12 minutes ago, SophisticatedDonkey said:

if you get a good coder you can get so much code written so quickly

If you get a good coder, you will get high quality code that can easily be maintained.

10 minutes ago, SophisticatedDonkey said:

and btw your whole man hour argument bears no relevance I wasn't trying to do anything their except work out the exact number of hours put into coding

I clearly demonstrated that you failed to even do that, by misrepresenting the number of days worked in a month.

17 minutes ago, SophisticatedDonkey said:

ALSO they have a person DEDICATED to answering community questions and is responsible for communicating to US are you stupid? He is in the vlogs every week......

I was wondering if you knew that.

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On ‎7‎/‎9‎/‎2017 at 2:55 AM, SophisticatedDonkey said:

You didn't get what I meant when I said "lazy" did you? Sigh* It's not even worth explaining I am tired of typing, but I will say this READ BETWEEN THE LINES.

Did you even get what I was trying to say dude? EXPECTATIONS, CRITICISM and PROGRESS are three things people think about when they see pre-alpha, I have HIGH expectations I love the game in though expectations is a degree of professionalism and  progress! If a game fails to like up to all 3 in the consumers eye then its not good, don't you agree?

Have never played it but tell me this is it a complete game and if it is then don't reply to this message cause it bares no relevance to the current discussion.

7 Days to die is Not a complete game it is  in early access (Alpha 16.1)   so it is totally relevant.

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I don't know exactly what's going on but it seems the community is out for blood.  I'm still going to be involved in the forum but I'll just be passively observing for now.  Just a precaution untill the sandstorm move away lol.  Still good game.

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