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Stuck in selecting location to land on while ON the planet.

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Playing on steam,  version 0.3.10182.0 and 0.3.10158.020170608200158_1.thumb.jpg.e080cdca8d7a98bbbe385bc026e8193f.jpg

I took off with a shuttle, searching for my corpse. I thought i noticed it, so i clicked on the location. A second later i realised that i did not want to go there, so i clicked the little orange button above the shuttle, while it was already landing on the planet. It went into the interplanetary mode, but my shuttle landed, so i was stuck in that mode. I quit to main menu, and when I loaded the save again, it put me down on the planet, but there are these blue sphere-thingies indicating that i can land there. The problem is, i have already landed, and it doesn't let my take off again,  it does not allow me to craft or research, the only thing i can do is collect stuff. 

I tried opting into the beta (version 0.3.10158.0), and on that version when i try to load the save, it just crashes.



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