Black Trees, Black Rocks??


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I have no idea what happened here. I played this particular save two days ago, I did not change anything with my settings in game or my graphics settings, but when I load the game today, I see all the trees, and rocks, have nothing but flat black colors, and no detail. Other objects (such as the underground plants) do not seem to have been changed....

410 hours in Astroneer over the past 6 months, I've seen nothing like this, ever. 

Does anyone have any idea why? 

FYI: This save was started *after* the most recent patch. 

I started a new save, and the colors and textures are back to normal. (Third picture) But I would like to continue playing my old save... Any ideas? 




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I experienced this one myself, and yes it was after the 182 patch. At first I though it was only on Exotic, as that was where I first saw it, but when I finally returned to Terran, I found it there as well. I never found a fix, and just started a new save (in which I ended up trapping myself in an un-deployed Habitat), and had no further issues. I suspect there will be no fix.

Whenever there is a new patch, expect things like this to happen, and just get used to starting a new game and pushing to get back to where you were. It's the disadvantage to playing a Pre-Alpha game.

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