Scientific Quest, Snowstorm and Rover Truck

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Here's another bunch of ideas, do not wait to discuss theses three subjects.

*Firstly: I think it could be more interesting and immersive to develop the science and research concept. The game could be a scientific quest for those who're seeking the truth about the environment and the universe of Astroneer, by developing, for example a database to fill with information, a scanner system (for the wildlife), samples and so on.

*Secondly: Improving the Weather System could be extremely interesting, particularly in the other planets than the first one. Snowstorm who is hurting the careless pioneers, lava and ash storm, toxic gas weather, all of that could produce an amount of difficulty but also of interesting ways to counter those climate problems - Energy Shield (my first idea on this forum for example), but also heater, air purifier... the subject is huge.

*Thirdly: I recommend to modify the rover-truck like speed (in a more "realistic" dimension) and maneuverability, and maybe change the sound of the engine.

Do not hesitate to share your views about theses ideas!



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