Drillhead dumps unusable partial resource bits (on tripple deposits)

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During my trip around the world (see this post for its final fate :() I came across a situation where the crane/drillhead behaved completely unexpectedly.

I was drilling a compound deposit in a mountain side that had organics on the outside and (as I noticed during drilling) a tunnel running on the inside with energy deposits along the "outer" tunnel wall.

The drillhead could not decide what it was supposed to be producing and constantly dropped partial resource bits onto the ground. Of those bits, I could touch/move the energy bits (though they were unusable), the compound & organics bits were non-interactable.

See screenshot 1 & screenshot 2 for an illustration of the problem.

Seems with three resources and only two output slots the crane constantly tries to free up one slots for the freshest drilled resource, and mostly never has time to grab a full stack.

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Same problem here, I have some partial resources on a storage that came from a drill and I can't touch them in any way
I've done a video, and when my pointer is on the partial resource I'm clicking on it, but nothing happens, but if I click on anything else on that storage it's fine


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