the truck behaves worst than in the previous patch

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i dont know what you changed, but in the previous patch the truck was much better controlable, now when you connect a 2nd one to it, this one bounces around like a ball on free rope. on the moon this becomes even worst, so that you cannot drive continuesly, you have to tap forward, wait till it stop tap again etc. when the terrain is uneven the 2ndary truck swings like a pendulum and sometimes it even turns over. 

when you eject the astroneer and try to turn the truck over, it floats through the air like a balloon and it gets even harder to get it back on the wheels. this also caused the game to crash on a certain point, when you try multiple times to turn truck over.


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Well also the flying Rover is again a thing. I went over a bump and the second rover got stuck in the first one and went flying.


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