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So as I was wandering around in Astroneer, y'know as you do, I thought to myself, "Hey, what if I had to deal with problems on each planet?"
The idea sprung on me while I was booting up a new game and rushing instantly to a Radiated planet. 

Environmental Hazards
I know that we have sandstorms, or whatever it is you'd like to call them, but what if there were more hazards or detrimental weather?
Perhaps they vary from planet to planet, for instance on the moon you'd have meteorites, on an exotic planet you'd have maybe a swarm of carnivorous space wasps or something of the sort. I'm starting off light because I'm unsure of the limitations of the engine. 

This could really be taken in any direction, maybe even player triggered hazards or preventable disasters like volcanoes or earthquakes, But I think the idea of biome specific hazards is good food for thought.

When I think of events I mean like these satellites (Or space stations if you've read my other post over Here) crashing on a planet  from outer space.
Maybe large asteroids with rarer materials or such? Or a even rarer alien clump of debris from 'something' that has a unique research module.
The idea of this would give each planet a lot more of an organic feeling with things that can just 'happen' from nothing.

Maybe, and this ties in with Environmental Hazards, what about a world destruction event? Massive earthquakes or volcanoes destroying a planet, over time forming an asteroid belt?
Of course this is just an idea, we could always just have a few small moon sized asteroids floating about in this belt we could visit.
I just really like the idea of asteroid mining.

Derelict Alien Structures
I've been dwelling on this idea for some time if I'm honest, but I've thought about ancient alien ruins or destroyed technology from a long lost age.
From something simple and small like an independent functional refinery or solar array or if you want real big stuck, destroyed planetary structures, I'm talking broken pieces of a Ringworld floating in orbit of a planet, or a half constructed Dyson sphere or something of the like.

Interstellar Travel/Wormhole Travel
Now this is just a wild idea that I spitballed with a little bit but what if you found one of these structures that provided co-ordinates to a 'Wormhole gate' or something of the like to provide travel to a fresh system, a 1 way trip to a fresh system. This could easily be tied-in with some ideas from Derelict alien structures.
Think of it almost like a NG+ mode, you keep research, and whatever small supplies you take with you along with your ship. 
I can't think of any kind of incentive of going into this 'NG+' mode or somesuch, but feel free to throw together ideas for incentive to travel to another system aside from if you blew up one of the planets from drilling into the core or something, or the sun exploding. Who knows.

As always fellow Astrodudes, feedback is appreciated! 

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This is interesting indeed, and would be strictly realted to what I was thinking about impacting planet's ecosystem. In my mind events should vary on planet's temperature base, something between volcano's erupting and snow storms. These kind of events may require an adequate power management to compensate the environment, or maybe special materials that enhance the thermal endurance. Just a thought.


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29 minutes ago, LeNUTRIE Metanolo said:

something between volcano's erupting and snow storms

I think the snow storms would be possible but there have been discussions that moving liquids like water and lava may be beyond what can be coded with the physics system being used for this game.  If it can be done, it might be too resource intensive for many computers.  I know I've seen more than one reference but I can't seem to find them right now.  Here's the one I was able to find:


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