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Now I realize a habitat is a thing, but I'd really like some sort of room structure, like something with clear walls and a door, (sorta a big habitat you can walk in). In these rooms could be maybe a light source or allow the user to decorate the room.  And I do realize you can make rooms out of the terrain but they are very dark and me personally, I do not like the look of my terrain huts. Just an idea because I always like to have homes in these space games. (Like No Man's Sky).  Also, I'm not sure if astroneers is mod compatible but I think astroneers would be fun with more community additions and could add new concepts and content.

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So keen for larger structures but I think as a community there are some things we should discuss in order to guide SES through the development of this feature such as:

- What will they be made of? How will the construction mechanic work with the resource mechanic?

- How much control will we have over these structures? Can we make walls at angles? to any size?

- Do these structures interact with existing modules at all? are they simply standalone or should they have platforms built into them?

- How is the third person camera angle going to work inside a confined space?


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