After loading Savegame - Grass over digged hole

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This has happened to me multiple times, once even the vicious smoke-puffing flowers suddenly "grew" just inside my base, where they cannot be plucked because the ground is not deformable there. Resources that I mined reappeared again, *some* terrain deformations I made have been reverted.

I have seen it happen on PC versions 0.2.115 and 0.2.117, although 0.2.117 was used only for loading the save from a previous (unknown, assumed 0.2.115) version.

Attached is a save-game with an occurence of this bug. Right after exiting the underground base, you can see hydrazine inside the base:


A lot of rocks and an energy nuggets field are floating around on what were originally cave walls.:


Most resources nearby have been mined but have reappeared, some only as markers with no actual resource (they disappear when the terrain below them is touched with the terrain tool):


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I have this bug as well, the organic appearing where there once was land but I lowered. After updating then loading this happened.
I also saw the resource sign with no actual resource left on a previous build.

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