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Hi Everyone,

I have not yet had the opportunity to play Astroneer on the Xbox Game Preview yet, but I have watched a lot of youtube videos and the developer twitches on youtube as well. I have to say that I have NEVER been excited for an indie game and I can say that I am super pumped for tomorrow to come so I can play.


I was gauging my friends to see who would be interested in playing. My one friend who is into fast-paced games, said that it would be cool to find NPC alien colonies that you can befriend or be hostile with on your planet or on other planets. I know that this is way down the line, and I'm not sure if the devs want to go in this direction, but it would be a cool aspect to consider nonetheless.


Keep up the good work guys and I can't wait to play this game!

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They did seem like they wanted to avoid combat and including aliens directly would make that more difficult to avoid. However That would be awesome to find even a primitive group of aliens. They could go the 'Out There: Omega' route and allow you to barter with the aliens or they are so scared of you that they give you resources as a peace offering and then hide in their homes and lock their doors.

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