[Merged] Items on Backpack rendering away from Backpack

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Okay so the power on my backpack would deplete even though I wasn't doing anything.  Whenever I would do something that would have taken up battery, it just gave me power.  So I was constantly losing power until I started mining for resources in which I started to get power.  I got a screenshot of it and if you look closely you can see my battery losing power, even though I was just standing.  This happened after my game crashed and I reopened my save to see my battery doing this reverse power thing.  The photo doesn't show much but that was the screenshot I captured.


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16 hours ago, Wyvyrias said:

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YAY for merges thanks Wyvyrias.!


+1 Can confirm this bug happens upon loading a save. I would post my screens but we have plenty.  

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Previous replies etc is sufficient just want to tell you that I have seen the same bug. Throwing out the inventory and picking it back up fixed the problem.


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On 12/18/2016 at 3:48 PM, Dawnslaad said:

Its not a huge deal, you can fix it by just picking it up and placing it back into your backpack but its worth noting :)

Happens every time I reload the game.



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I'm on Xbox and this happened to me as well, I fixed it by picking it up and putting it back on the backpack. It was very annoying to have to do this though.

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Same bug as all the above. When I loaded the game, I noticed that my inventory was sticking out from my backpack and I am able to fill up those slots while they are rendered away. I am, however, able to pick them up and move them to their proper places.


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Can confirm.

Made a video showing the bug in more detail: 

Happy to provide additional information on this. Just let me know what exactly. 

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