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Brian Crivella

No floor in base/floating stuff.

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Xbox One S

Underground base has no floor when loading in the save.

So I made an underground base this time with a glass smooth floor and every time I save in my habitat on the surface when exiting the game, and when i load back up and go to my base underground half the floor will be gone and I can see deep into the planet, only way to fix it is to go far away and come back sometimes. Plus I have lost a lot of stuff that I had in a pile before I finely unlocked the small storage. Found a few things underground floating in a cavern the next time I loaded up. And I left my rover next to where it happens when I last saved before I quit and well the screenshots speak of what I'm dealing with. Kinda funny actually..  Plus I have been having chest that I had attached to my Rover float off when I walked away to get another, I know the floating stuff is known but wanted share a screenshot of it think only happens with the rover. 




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