[For developers] Waiting for an answer!

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Hello development team.

I would like to ask you a couple of questions from my Russian YouTube channel.

1. Are liquids expected? If so, when do you expect them?

2. Whether there will be a new organic: stone, ores, etc. If so, when to wait for it and what will it be like?

3. When will the desynchronization in multiplayer between the weak and powerful computer be fixed?

4. Will there be new research? If so, what should we expect.

5. Do we have to wait for the teleport system, the storage system of things and the core inside the planet?

6. My subscribers asked the following question: Will there be a system of fatigue, thirst, hunger, temperature?

7. So, there was a question of the type: When new sources of energy appear; Should we wait for the hover boards or flying ships at an altitude of about 5 meters from the surface?

8. The last question, or I just did not find any comments.  - Will it be possible to restore destroyed solar panels and shuttles which are now considered as knocked-down or "meteorite" objects?


I'm waiting for an answer, and I wish you luck in developing the game!

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I'm no development team, but I'll try to answer the stuff that I know of, plus unless it's actually important SES won't answer suggestion related question

  1. Yep, look at the roadmap
  2. Idk what you're asking for
  3. SES are working on optimizing and to improve the multiplayer, someday it will
  4. There will be, I meant it's still on early access and there are many feature that you can expect
    • New terrain tool
    • Farming
    • etc. Try visiting the suggestion masterlist at the other sub
  5. There are no plan for teleportation,
  6. Hunger and temperature in the other hand is coming soon
  7. There are geothermal, basically you get power from steam vents, kinda similar to those of rimworld
  8. Well there are models of the fully restored satellite in some of the dev stream, It's possible, although there are no such plan for that

Hope this answers your question

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