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Invisible Base, Tethers and Beacons on Tundra

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So my sister and I are playing a two player game, with my sister hosting. We head off to Tundra with a Spaceship full of supplies and a Habitat (which I rode in) and land. We find a nice spot with good-if-not-great wind and my sister plants the Habitat down. She starts building building platforms from the Habitat, but they are invisible to me. Plus, anything that is then put on these platforms is also turned invisible to me. My sister can see everything just fine, but no matter how much she builds, none of it appears to me. I then tried to start laying down some Tethers but they also disappear as soon as I place them. Beacons vanish to me too. I then try to take off in the Spaceship to then land it on the vehicle bay she just built, only there is no landing 'bubble' for me to select, so I have to land back at our first landing site. Oh, and the game crashed after we first landed on Tundra, so we had to load up from our last save, which was on Terrain when we got into the Spaceship.

my sister and I are both on Xbox One, both using Patch 158.

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