Solution for flipping cars on exit

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I think i found the cause for cars flipping on exit.

It's some object or label in the backpack that is "solid" and doesn't obey the x-men-Kite-style phase through exit and hits the car on exit.



System Era: Quick might work... Just move the astroneer out to the ground some bit farer away. Add more space to come free from any objects attached in front of the car.

As of now the astroneer exits to close close to the car if carrying the small generator with a plant-material-pack mounted for sure.


More work... Find the buggy object(s) or label(s) that is solid....


Players: 1. Die and get a empty backpack


2. Empty the backpack and enter/exit any car, enter the habitat and then go out and pick up u're gear.


This worked for me........could be wrong! ;-)


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