Resin module deletion with dynamite fail

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The resin modules that are between other modules will not delete using dynamite. Example: [habitat---blank resin module--- vehicle bay] when laid out in a manner similar to this, you are able to delete the vehicle bay using dynamite, but when trying to delete the blank resin module you are not able to. It will blow up everything around it with the module in perfect shape still. It also is a living nightmare to try to get the module to blow up when placing the dynamite. You literally have to spend 15-30 min trying to do it because when your cursor is over the blow up button the module tries to extend no matter where you place the dynamite on the module. Trust me I've tried everything so don't try to tell me to do this or that. It needs a fix. 100%  positive about this. Was going to try to use the crane to drill through it but oh wait that's bugged out too but I know that has been already said. Frustrating. 

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