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I propose the creations of a "Games Platform"

Ball Games:

Put on 1 compound and get a bouncy ball.

  • Create a flat surface and perpendicular surface for a game of Wallball.
  • Make a 'hoop', paint it orange and play a game of Horse, or better yet, "Spike"
  • Build a 'net/low-wall' and play some volleyball.
  • Put on 1 organic and get a bat/club with which to smack the ball to impart more energy.

Giant Beach Ball:

2 compound for a huge beach ball


Put 2 organic in and get a boomerang.  

  • Just for fun!

Pogo Stick:

Put 1 aluminum in and get a pogo stick and bounce around your base.

  • add hydrazine for a crazy, super-powered pogo-stick! Just be careful lest you become the latest winner of  the Darwin Award.

Rocket Flag:

Put in 2 aluminum and get a small rocket.  

  • Insert a hydrazine and it launches high above the surface of the planet and releases 5 colored flags that drop randomly to the planet surface and the game begins.
  • First person to find 3 out of 5 of the flags and inserts them onto the games platform wins a trophy.


What are your games ideas?

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