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So far me and a friend have encountered multiple glitches and problems relating to trucks. 

Instance 1. Solar panels etc. dissapear off the truck beds and appear back at home base.

Instance 2. Trucks have, on 3 occasions, phased out of existence/eviscerated with driver in seat. 

Instance 3. 80% of the time when parking, truck will fly into air.

Instance 4. Trucks will randomly stop working, and require having to restart to work. 

Instance 5. Friend was flung out of truck and could not interact with world, but as host I could still see him in the truck and he was restored when the truck flipped. 

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+1 here (patch 155, PC, win7x64). Trucks works now little bit better, at least client player can use them now without constant falling thru textures or into the space hehe, but issue #4 happens all the time, we have to exit/enter truck to keep driving. We also like to use auto-trains (main truck with 1 storage and 1-seat plus second truck with 2 storages) and second truck behaviour is more troublesome - it does't feel like connected, just like hanging there, it can flip upside-down or start twitching and try to fly when owner is not near, constantly rubber-banding and bumping into the main truck when moving.

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