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Alien ruins/structures would be a fun addition, as an alternative to caves and surface exploration.


  • Not on Terran (provides additional incentive to get to space, and increases sense of otherworldliness and difficulty/risk)
  • Suggest non-triangular and non-circular design elements (provides visual contrast with existing game art)
  • Not removable with terrain tool (forces exploration on foot, which is a late game rarity)
  • Source of resources and researchable items (structures could include power and oxygen fountains, unique sources of resin and compound, and even alternative habitat situations for colonization - imagine a built-in embedded tethering system that could be powered-up with player effort)
  • An ideal site for traps and minigame puzzles.
  • Ruins could be seen from orbit, but should be rare on any given planet and distant from preset landing sites (creates new goals and challenges, and encourages exploration)
  • Physical components could be harvested by players for constructing bases (ladders, extension power/o2 tubes, windows)

The remains of an alien civilization could provide interesting tie-ins with a back-story or game plot. It could connect with skeleton pieces found in Terran caves, and perhaps explain why Astroneers are so alone. Geometrically regular structures would be a unique addition to game visuals and provide an ideal space to host late-game challenges and storyline extensions.

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