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Hello, astroneers :)

After playing for a while I feel the need of free placement of base stations and modules. I am a builder at heart and I really want to build the base from the stone first and only after that start placing some tech in it :) but as how we have this atm I always ending up building around some spidery structure which often gets in a way of my ideas. So, I was imagining how we can have it without heavily modifying everything.

1. In the backpack for 1 resin we could craft something like a little placeholder - looks like dynamite, for example, with the button on top if placed on the ground.

2. After pressing the button on a placeholder it would "root" in place and turn into the power hub (as I call it) - that round thingie with the slots for 2 resins.

3. If 2 resins provided for the power hub it would turn into the station then.

4. Providing power to the stations would be done by connecting them to the power hubs with the tethers.

This would give us more freedom into designing our bases into the villages or even a cities with wide infrastructure, with many levels, buildings, bridges and towers :)

What do u think?

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I think this is great except I think we should be able to craft the "tube connectors" that currently link the base nodes. This way you could spread the nodes out if you just make enough links. This would also allow for linking solar arrays to deep cave bases and should allow for linking bases together. It would however keep the bases feeling like they were more "permanent" than the exploration tether links.

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