Partial organic collection cannot be removed from truck storage

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Using the crane with a drill attachment I tested it on the ground and, not realising it, collected a small amount of organic material.

This material is stuck on the storage module and I cannot remove/discard it, nor can I attach the smaller storage module I want.

I tried collecting more, this completed a unit of organics then started filling another collection point.

Stuck storage.png

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Have found the same issue.  It looks like it is related to mining a third type of material when you have two unfinished materials on the drill.


1. Drill material one (compound, resin, whatever).  Only drill enough to have a partially completed block.

2. Repeat with a second different material.

3. Repeat with a third type of material.

Expected Results:

Either sames the material or places it in the inventory to be used later

Actual Results:

Drops the one of the first materials mined, and if it is dropped on the ground, then you cannot pick it up.  If it is placed in an inventory slot, you cannot remove it.


You can get the similar results with the hand-held miner (forgot what it is called).

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