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Astroneer should incorporate a fusion reactor. It should be an item that is researched in several steps and runs on an ultra rare fuel such as astronium. The advantage of a fusion reactor is with a tiny amount of fuel it would make lots of energy, for example one astronium could yield 50 times more energy than one coal. This would make the fuel source very desirable and thus highly sought after. This would also complement future economy/trade aspects of the game. 

Ideally the fusion reactor should not be miniaturized, having ridiculous amounts of energy available in the backup would break the game in my opinion. Thus the reactor should be large (like 10 resin's large) and built in several steps, designed to power a large base, underground mining operation or spaceship. A large spaceship with fusion could use other sources of propulsion such as massive ion drives. The fusion reactor approach would be much more fun than grinding for hydrazine or equivalent, and would still require occasionally locating the ultra rare fuel source.

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